Weight during pregnancy

You bear a baby, but for some reason you notice that you have stopped gaining weight? You are very concerned about this situation and it is quite understandable. Any deviation in the well-being and physical development of the expectant mother causes panic. It is worth figuring out why you can not gain weight and how to improve this situation.

If the future mother registers in the women’s consultation early – she will notice that in each of her visits, the doctor watching her, will put on the medical card data of her weight.

Immediately explain, if the doctor is tense, will worry in your data, he will definitely tell you about it. You will gain weight too quickly, which is not recommended – will prescribe you a diet for pregnant women. If weight gain seems too low – the doctor will explain to you what should be the diet, whether your condition is normal.

So, for the whole period of pregnancy, the expectant mother will gain about 10-15 kg. During different periods of pregnancy, the weight will increase in different ways or even stand still. Sometimes it can decline. Do not be satisfied with buy viagra a stressful situation, do not worry if the doctor is completely calm about the state of your weight. It is quite possible that soon the period of weight loss or underweight will end.

The most interesting thing is that weight loss before the 20th week in pregnant women is considered more normal than overweight. Toxicosis, hormonal adjustment, anxiety of the mother – all this affects the lack of weight. Everything will be back to normal, don’t worry.

In the meantime, you need to take care of your food. Do not try to eat non-useful foods during pregnancy, with the goal of only increasing weight. Food should be fresh, balanced, quality, useful. Instead of a sausage, eat grilled or boiled meat, instead of a milksweet shake or ice cream drink a glass of fatty kefir or milk, instead of curd casseroles, eat cottage cheese with sour cream and a handful of raisins.

In your position should be a priority protein products, vegetables, fruits (at lack of weight you can eat bananas, grapes), dairy, cereals, dried fruits (especially dried apricots, raisins), nuts (especially walnuts). Drink milk drinks, fruit smoothies. Eat not large portions, and small 200-300 grams, but every three hours.

And do not forget, in addition to weighing the doctor constantly measure the weight on the home scales, writing the data in the diary. Together with your doctor, you will be able to assess whether or not the weight loss situation is alarming by the values you will mark yourself.